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Join us to send girls to school—and get fit!

It started with one little hash tag and a big dream: Two friends, Erin Leigh and Brooke, challenged themselves to run their first marathon together, while also fundraising to send 26 girls to school in Nepal in honor of each mile.

Inspired by their journey, which they tracked on social media using #26Miles26Girls, other people began to set new fitness goals tied to a fundraising goal for She's the First. Popular fitness instructors got on board to raise money and endorphins with donation-based classes.

The impact quickly multiplied. The #RuntheWorld campaign was born. Before we knew it, 200+ supporters raised $50,000 to send 60 girls to school. It was the most financially successful campaign in She’s the First history.

In Season Two, which kicks off on February 18, the first day of Social Media Week, we're raising our game and growing an even bigger team to Run the World!

In unity with our She's the First Scholars, who are running to school and cheering you on, we aim to raise $50,000 together to sponsor girls' education, before the grand finale on November 2nd.

Here's how you can support:

(1) Start a fundraising page. Tell your story, ask friends/family to donate. Raise money by:
  • Challenging yourself to run a race, be it your first, fastest, or funnest (yes, we know that's not a word...but it counts!).
  • Teaming up with a fitness instructor to organize a donation-based fitness fundraising class.
  • Here's a tool kit to guide you!

(2) Use CharityMiles! Every mile you walk, run, or bike on the app for She's the First donates a quarter, funded by a corporate sponsor, which we will be count towards the grand total.

Ready? Let's go!
Email info@shesthefirst.org with any questions.

PS: Show that you're part of our team! Add a Run the World PicBadge to your Facebook/Twitter profile picture here.

Recent Updates

July 23
Ran half of the beep test today. (half because the internet connection sucked and the track stopped playing). trying it again soon!
Today: 1 mi
Total: 6.75
Not as much as I would have liked. :(

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July 21
Today: 2.25
Total: 5.75

mck x

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July 19
Today: 3.5 miles
Total: 3.5 miles

xx McKenna

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Welcome to my campaign!
Hi everyone! This is where I'll post my progress and updates! Thanks for your support!! xx McKenna

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Hello there!
Hello to any and all visitors to my fundraising page! My name is Megan, and I am from Baltimore, Maryland in the USA currently studying abroad in Copenhagen, Denmark. I am studying psychology and global health back home, and helping other people in any way possible means a huge amount to me. Any and all donations will help, and this is for an amazing cause. She's the First sponsors girls to...

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Recent Donations

Name Amount Comment
Anonymous Donor $75.00 On behalf of CauseVox. Happy bday!
Patsy Abrahams $25.00
Frank Abrahams $25.00
Kathleen Abrahams $25.00
Melanie Abrahams $55.00
Ally Sheffield $55.00 Go!
Matt and Adri Kaufman $55.00 Hell yeah girls.
Holly Eagleson $55.00 You are a badass on many fronts. So happy to cheer you on for this exceptionally worthy cause!
Amy "Bunny" Kaufman $26.20
Lara Torvi $26.20
Dan Koday $55.00 <3 you
Kara & Brian $55.00 <3
paige and scott cohen $55.00 RUN MEL RUN!
Leslie Heilbrunn $26.20
Tula Karras $26.20 Not only will I help you raise funds...I'll run with you! :)
Sarah B $26.20 Way to #runtheworld!!
Melissa Abrahams $26.20 Educate all the girls.
Vera Scholten $55.00 You go Girl(s)!
Jess Sager $55.00 I'd say "break a leg," that is one of the worst possible scenarios here, so instead, "good luck!"
Miriam Cardoos $13.10 Best of luck!
Mila and Dmitry $55.00 I asked Dmitry if he had a comment he'd like to leave for you and he said, "I don't know... Best wishes, female education?" I think that about sums it up!
Team S/Lang $55.00 Run like the vampyres are gaining on you!!
Kate and Daniel Pressland $55.00 We'd be more impressed if you were running 8.04672 kilometres
Vivienne Milner $55.00
Rachel Rubin $55.00 Go Mel! I agree with Eric - puppies are awesome. But so are girls. And girls who run 5 miles to raise money to send other girls to school.
Eric Gottesman $75.00 I take issue with being referred to as a "Peaceful Yogi" by this system as I am neither. Also, where you say "Girls are awesome," I'd instead argue that "Girls are generally acceptable" but that "Puppies are awesome."
Ashok Parameswaran $55.00 Congrats, Tammy! You're such an inspiration!
Paige Strackman $126.00 So unbelievably happy for you Tammy! :o)
Anonymous Donor $26.20
Debbie Wulff $45.00 You guys did great!
Denise Restauri $100.00 Congratulations -- you're an inspiration to all.
Wayzata High School Be the First 5K $3000.00
UNC Asheville Cupcake Classic 5k $1900.00
United Way $2000.00
Kelly Parnell $13.10 Get em girl!!
Anonymous Donor $50.00
Anonymous Donor $50.00
Ruth Ann Harnisch $262.00 Always inspiring, Tammy!
Lowell Harrison $100.00
Stephanie Seibert $26.20 Have fun tomorrow!
Amanda Kennedy $26.20 #RunTheWorld, Tammy!
Katy Moss $26.20
Philo Smith $200.00
Nicole Cacioppop $26.20 I'll be cheering for you!! So proud of you, Tam! XOXO
lindsay smith dixon $55.00
Kristin Fast $75.00
Coscino Famiky $26.20
Anonymous Donor $30.00 Good luck, expecting updates along the way!
Randy Vogel $26.20 For Hannah Vogel
Gonna & Paul Caraher $200.00
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