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Join us to send girls to school—and get fit!

It started with one little hash tag and a big dream: Two friends, Erin Leigh and Brooke, challenged themselves to run their first marathon together, while also fundraising to send 26 girls to school in Nepal in honor of each mile.

Inspired by their journey, which they tracked on social media using #26Miles26Girls, other people began to set new fitness goals tied to a fundraising goal for She's the First. Popular fitness instructors got on board to raise money and endorphins with donation-based classes.

The impact quickly multiplied. The #RuntheWorld campaign was born. Before we knew it, 200+ supporters raised $50,000 to send 60 girls to school. It was the most financially successful campaign in She’s the First history.

In Season Two, which kicks off on February 18, the first day of Social Media Week, we're raising our game and growing an even bigger team to Run the World!

In unity with our She's the First Scholars, who are running to school and cheering you on, we aim to raise $150,000 together to sponsor girls' education, before the grand finale on November 2nd.

Here's how you can support:

(1) Start a fundraising page. Tell your story, ask friends/family to donate. Raise money by:
  • Challenging yourself to run a race, be it your first, fastest, or funnest (yes, we know that's not a word...but it counts!).
  • Teaming up with a fitness instructor to organize a donation-based fitness fundraising class.
  • Here's a tool kit to guide you!

(2) Use CharityMiles! Every mile you walk, run, or bike on the app for She's the First donates a quarter, funded by a corporate sponsor, which we will be count towards the grand total.

Ready? Let's go!
Email info@shesthefirst.org with any questions.

PS: Show that you're part of our team! Add a Run the World PicBadge to your Facebook/Twitter profile picture here.

Recent Donations

Name Amount Comment
Samira Duja $26.20
Mike Norman $26.20 Rock it out!
Theresa Moutafis $50.00 Yay D!
Jamie Michael $26.20
Carole Pacheco $90.00 As an architect, I am very aware that our profession often focuses on contributing to the physical structure of our environment; but as a human being, it is essential that we contribute to the educational, spiritual, and emotional structure of others liv
Anonymous Donor $20.00
Jocelyn Torio $26.20
M M $30.00
Diane R $100.00
Hsu-Jen Huang $26.20 You are awesome!!!!
Rachel Simmons $25.00
Alison Diamond $55.00 This is a lovely thing to do - wishing Anastazia well :)
Yuki Kaneshige $55.00 Good luck with Berlin and fundraising for such a wonderful cause! Congratulations too, Sweetie!
Emily Parulis $13.10 this is a great project, thank you for running, and good luck in Berlin!!!
Diana Farmer $13.10 I am happy to have to opportunity to support your noble mission! Good luck!
Jessica Snider-Rodriguez $26.20
Annika Johnson $26.20 Nicki, I think you're crazy doing all this running stuff. You're also bloody amazing though!
Rethink Gainesville $239.87 Donation for speaking at the conference
Fit Week Attendees $212.50
Fit Week Attendees $415.00
Fit Week Attendees $120.00
Cash Donations $45.00 Cash donations at the grand finale Recess Bootcamp!
Fit Week Attendees $244.80
Brad Bong $25.00
Cash Donations $10.00 Cash donations collected by She's the First team at 305 Fitness!
Nichola Sabelo $50.00
Kristen Rocco $26.20 What's better than working out for girls' education. I can't think of anything...see you Saturday!
Erin Leigh Patterson $25.00 Can't wait to play for girls' education!!
Alexandra Romano $26.20
Cash Donations $20.00 Cash donations collected by She's the First team at Row House!
Killa Janda $75.00 Cant wait!
Stacy Anagnostopoulos $26.20 Go Em!! Can't wait! :)
Cristina DeVito $26.20
Andy Harris $26.20
Stephanie Florence $26.20
Katie Riley $26.20 Thanks to the best PTs in town for supporting Fit Week!
Sara Hunninghake $26.20
Fit Week 2014 $125.00 Proceeds from Uplift's Fit Week class on Sunday 6/15!
Bridget Russell $26.20
Bryce Kennedy $26.20
Tammy Tibbetts $15.00 Thank you for helping me heal my IT Band!
Karla Ruaya $26.20
Nicki Brooks $15.00
Anonymous Donor $26.20 I will be sure to be there at mile (____) holding a fantastic sign to make you smile. Without question you will be running with a smile on race day. Best of luck travel buddy!!
Kate Lord $26.20 Super stoked about Fit Week!!
Amrita Singh $28.78 :D
Ketrina Hoskin $30.00
Nikki E $29.00
Nikki E $29.00
Brittany Brothers $15.00 Definitely need this class! Can't wait!
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